Waypoint: Collaborative Assessment Driven Transition Planning and Tracking


WayPoint Assessment Driven Transition Planning

WayPoint helps students develop career goals, and transition from high school to post secondary school, and to the real working world. WayPoint is used in middle schools, high schools, and with adults - with the capability to start as early as grade school. WayPoint works with general populations as well as people with disabilities. WayPoint helps with compliance of state and federal special education transition requirements.

Three WayPoint Career Assessments:


TAP - Talent Assessment Program

TAP is a functional vocational aptitude assessment that requires no reading and can benefit all individuals.

  • TAP Integrates with the Waypoint Program
  • TAP can also serve as a stand-alone Vocational Assessment

How does TAP Operate?

  • TAP is an assessment of one’s individual functional ability.
  • TAP is computer correlated to the best career matches.
  • TAP is administered in a classroom, or like atmosphere.
  • TAP’s assessment tools are packaged in portable cases which can be stored, or transported from place to place.
  • TAP is typically a one-time assessment that is performed within a two and a half hour session. One to eight individuals can be assessed at a time, and as many as 20 individuals in a day, depending on the individuals and whether or not they have a disability.
  • The tests are easy to administer and the computer program is the most advanced and user friendly on the market today.
  • Using TAP, you can assess and evaluate everyone in your career program, whether it be vocational or professional.

PIC (Career Interest Assessment)

The Digital Pictorial Inventory of Careers is an effective domain interest assessment which requires no reading. PIC measures career interest by using Digital Quality Live Action Videos of REAL LIFE WORK scenes, instead of paper pencil tests. PIC is an excellent assessment for School-to-Career Transition Programs. PIC can be used by all students including special populations.

  • PIC Pathfinder Integrates with the Waypoint Program
  • PIC Pathfinder can also serve as a stand-alone Vocational Assessment
  • Requires NO Reading
  • Perfect for School-to-Career Transition
  • Directly Related to the D.O.T./G.O.E.
  • For All Students/Including Special Populations
  • 20 Minute Assessment
  • 1 or 100 students at a time

Students respond to live action video segments of real work situations. By rating each segment, students can then determine what Career/vocational area they like best. Assessment results are used to pinpoint areas of strong interest, dislikes, and most important, areas which they have little or no knowledge.

PIC Career Pathways:

  • Agricultural
  • Business-Data Processing
  • Business-Marketing/Sales
  • Business-Secretarial
  • Communications-Art/Graphics
  • Electrical/Electronics
  • Engineering Technology
  • Environmental Services
  • Food Services
  • Health Services
  • Protective Services
  • Science & Laboratory
  • Service-Barber/Cosmetology
  • Service-Personal
  • Industrial-Construction
  • Industrial-Mechanical
  • Industrial-Metal Trades

VIP - Vocational Implications of Personality

VIP Helps individuals make the right choice in career selection. This great program also comes in both English and Spanish versions. Both versions come with audio capabilities to help low level readers.

  • VIP Integrates with the Waypoint Program
  • VIP can also serve as a stand-alone Vocational Assessment


  • Use VIP with adults or students regardless of work experience.
  • VIP takes less than 20 minutes for 1 or 100 students.
  • VIP is non-discriminatory.
  • VIP identifies every persons unique personality type.
  • Occupational information is provided based on personality type.
  • VIP promotes awareness of interpersonal strengths.
  • VIP promotes knowledge of one's working and learning styles.
  • Comes in both adult and student versions


  • VIP Adult Desktop English
  • VIP Adult Desktop Multi-Language
  • VIP Adult Network English
  • VIP Adult Network Multi-Language
  • VIP Student Desktop English
  • VIP Student Desktop Multi-Language
  • VIP Student Network English
  • VIP Student Network Multi-Language