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Augment one-to-one work & life skills training with repetition and remote support

Digital step-by-step instruction empowering individuals with autism and cognitive disabilities

On the job, at home, in school or out in the community

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avail® utilizes evidence-based practices (EBP) to empower individuals with disabilities across all settings. 

With digital task analytic instruction and visual supports, individuals receive discrete prompting and feedback without intrusive one-on-one support. In a technology-driven world, use technology based on evidence to measurably improve learning and student independence.


What avail enables?

Digitalizing Prompts & Program

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Continuous Data Collection including At-Home

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Multi-User Access & Collaboration


Skills being acquired and maintained by our users:

Area: Family life Daily Living skills Self-care Community Skills Communication & Behavior Management Employment
Examples:-Household Chores
-Family routines
-Weekly schedule
-About me profile
-Simple recipes
-Cleaning a home
-Grocery Shopping
-Making Lunch
-Making Bed
-Appropriate dress
-Safety in the community
-Taking a bus
-If l get in trouble
-Coping skills
-Dealing with bad news
-Making friends
-Interview skills
-Specific workplace duties
-Job sites

Functional Transitions Package:


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