Proud to be a MASE

Business Partner.

Minnesota Administrators

of Special Education.

      PAES Lab

      Expose your students or clients to a broad range of hands-on, generalizable work skills. They'll be better prepared for community work experiences, future employment and independent life!

      We have over 100 PAES Labs in Minnesota

      Project Discovery and Achieve Life Skills

      Everything You Need to Get Your Learners Job and Life Ready

      We have 80 school districts in Minnesota with Project Discovery.

      Replicated Reality (R2)

      Many schools in Minnesota are using Replicated Reality to give their students valuable work and life skills.

      Replicated Reality gives students the ability to earn salaries and manage their money in an environment that is safe and fun!

      For information see Replicated Reality page.

      avail, by CentralReach

      and the newest digitized solution for students  

      avail®, by CentralReach


      avail® acts as a personal teaching assistant for students with varied learning needs, providing them with discreet, personalized content at the touch of a button. Combining Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), evidence-based interventions to deliver Individual Education plans (IEP) goals utilizing Avail multimedia prompts.


      avail® has been reported to reduce the need for one to one assistance by 30%, enhances learning both in the classroom and in the community. 

      For information see avail page.