Distributor of transition work and life skills curriculum/assessments for schools, programs, and service providers.

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Developed for both General Education and Special Education Teachers to use in their classrooms.

Replicated Reality is a comprehensive system capable of bringing real-world experiences into any classroom through a fun, safe, fully customizable platform. The program explores money management, career awareness and exploration, financial decision making and social-emotional learning opportunities in a fun, safe classroom environment.

Career Awareness

Career Awareness
The ability to directly link jobs to real-world occupational codes allows your students to explore their dream job!

job interview


Create job boards your students can apply for, interview, and work to earn money and work experience.

online banking

Online Banking

Students learn money management through a cashless economy complete with online banking, automatic bill-pay, and direct deposit.

student desk

Real Estate

Desk rental system allows your students the experience of managing a contractual rental agreement and recurring bill.


Virtual Store

Built in reward motivation that allows students to exercise their creativity and build their very own virtual world.

online banking

R-Squared Community & Classroom Rewards
Teachers can talk to other teachers about the program and submit ideas for classroom rewards!