Remote and Hybrid Learning with Achieve Life Skills

Suggested Life Skills Curriculum for Working from Home

Achieve Life Skills curriculum consists of 62 titles offering instruction in key employability and life skills. All titles are ideal for students engaging in virtual learning or working from their home. Titles such as Basic Hygiene, Passive Recreation and Study Skills are especially relevant to this environment. You can purchase any title individually, or in groups.

All Achieve Life Skills curriculum files come in a digital format (PPT, Word, PDF) loaded onto a thumb drive.

Prepare. Communicate. Succeed.

Achieve Life Skills curriculum is a competency-based approach to prepare your students to be job and life ready. Each package provides two levels of materials along with audio supports, pre-post tests, and performance based rubrics.

Help your learners begin a successful job search, secure and keep a job, and possess independent living skills.

List of Available Titles

The team at Education Associates, the makers of Achieve Life Skills have been working with educators across the country along with members of their own team to develop guides to using Achieve Life Skills remotely and with hybrid learning. Check out guide for the Achieve Life Skills curriculum.

  • Achieve Life Skills Remote and Hybrid Guidance Document

“The Life Skills titles are very easy to transition from in the classroom instruction to online instruction, using Google Classroom. I was able to use the information and format it to reach all of my learners, while still being interactive and checking for comprehension. Even without working on these skills in the classroom, the online format helped to enforce the skills learned, while being at home during the stay-at-home order.”

Brook Wendt, Job Training Coordinator/Intervention Specialist / Career Exploration Program
Medina County Career Center, Ohio

Transitions Assessments & Curriculum at

Pre/Post Tests Options

  • If your students DON’T have online access, Education Associates provides the hard copy file and you can include it in your take home packets.
  • If students DO have online access you can do what Brook did.

She dropped our Pre-Post test directly into GOOGLE FORMS to create an online version. Super easy and convenient, because now she has the data automatically at her fingertips.

Take a look at the original and online test!

Transitions Assessments & Curriculum at
Transitions Assessments & Curriculum at

Pre-Post tests also come in a Power Point version which is visual and interactive for delivering visual support. Recording the student responses on provided score report form or alternate method.

All Achieve Life Skills curriculum files come in a digital format (PPT, Word, PDF) loaded onto a thumb drive.

The on-going site license is offered on a building-wide basis. However, Education Associates has relaxed the site license agreement during this pandemic time to support educators at home:

  • Allowing educators to use our curriculum with students at home.
  • Helping minimize the digital divide, we are also offering the ability for educators to duplicate our curriculum for take-home packets for those students with limited internet access.
  • Store all files for students on your Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or even DropBox.
  • Create individual folders for students to make it easier to individualize assignments and retrieve completed work
  • Provide parents with a short training session on what to expect and how to support their child.

Blended Model
When working with a Blended model, you can use your SYNCHRONOUS time with students to introduce a new unit using our FIRST LOOK Power Points, or even begin to model a new activity. THEN you can leave those files in your shared folder so that students (and parents) can access independently for review and repetition.


Use SYNCHRONOUS class time to use the Power Points provided to:

  • Introduce a new unit using the FIRST LOOK
  • Model a new activity
  • Discuss next steps for independent work
  • Provide access to these same files for independent review during ASYNCHRONOUS instructional time

Use ASYNCHRONOUS instructional time to:

  • If your students DO NOT have access to devices or Internet, they do not have to miss out on the Power Points. You can still print them and distribute. 
  • Save Paper by printing PowerPoints in handout mode, to include multiple slides on one piece of paper
  • Provide access to these same files used during ASYNCHRONOUS instructional time for independent review