Work & Life Skills Resources for Schools, Programs, & Providers Serving Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and Now Iowa!


Work & Life Skills Resources for Schools, Programs, & Providers Serving Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and Now Iowa!

Work & Life Skills Resources for Schools, Programs, & Providers Serving Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and Now Iowa!

Remote Learning and Career/Life Skills

Best Practices in the “New Normal”

The team at Education Associates, the makers of Project Discovery and Achieve Life Skills interviewed several teachers across the country. They learned so much from them all and are very grateful for their willingness to share. One teacher, Brooke Wendt is a Job Training Coordinator and Intervention Specialist at the Career and Exploration Program at the Medina County Career Center in Ohio shared that she was able to use our life skills curriculum to help students develop those independent types of skills remotely by using her Google Classroom. If you are on Microsoft One Drive, not to worry, because there is comparable functionality.


“The Life Skills titles are very easy to transition from in the classroom instruction to online instruction, using Google Classroom. I was able to use the information and format it to reach all of my learners, while still being interactive and checking for comprehension. Even without working on these skills in the classroom, the online format helped to enforce the skills learned, while being at home during the stay-at-home order.”

Brook Wendt, Job Training Coordinator/Intervention Specialist / Career Exploration Program
Medina County Career Center, Ohio


Pre/Post Tests Options

  • If your students DON’T have online access, Education Associates provides the hard copy file and you can include it in your take home packets.
  • If students DO have online access you can do what Brook did.

She dropped our Pre-Post test directly into GOOGLE FORMS to create an online version. Super easy and convenient, because now she has the data automatically at her fingertips.

Take a look at the original and online test!


Pre-Post tests also come in a Power Point version which is visual and interactive for delivering visual support. Recording the student responses on provided score report form or alternate method.

Achieve Life Skills Education Associates Achieve Life Skills curriculum consists of 62 titles offering instruction in key employ-ability and life skills. These titles do not require any hands-on elements and can be entirely administered for remote learning.

Project Discovery Career Exploration Kits  Many of the hands on career exploration kits can be completed at home with students following our instructions and using common items found around the house. See list of these at home activities on Education Associates Remote Learning Resources Page

All Achieve Life Skills and Project Discovery curriculum files come in a digital format (PPT, Word, PDF) loaded onto a thumb drive.

The on-going site license is offered on a building-wide basis. However, Education Associates has relaxed the site license agreement during this pandemic time to support educators at home:

  • Allowing educators to use our curriculum with students at home.
  • Helping minimize the digital divide, we are also offering the ability for educators to duplicate our curriculum for take-home packets for those students with limited internet access.
  • Store all files for students on your Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or even DropBox.
  • Create individual folders for students to make it easier to individualize assignments and retrieve completed work
  • Include our Parent Information Brochure to inform parents about the basic goals for the unit of study.
  • Provide parents with a short training session on what to expect and how to support their child.
parent brochure

Blended Model
When working with a Blended model, you can use your SYNCHRONOUS time with students to introduce a new unit using our FIRST LOOK Power Points, or even begin to model a new activity. THEN you can leave those files in your shared folder so that students (and parents) can access independently for review and repetition.


Use SYNCHRONOUS class time to use the Power Points provided to:

  • Introduce a new unit using the FIRST LOOK
  • Model a new activity
  • Discuss next steps for independent work
  • Provide access to these same files for independent review during ASYNCHRONOUS instructional time

Use ASYNCHRONOUS instructional time to:

  • If your students DO NOT have access to devices or Internet, they do not have to miss out on the Power Points. You can still print them and distribute. 
  • Save Paper by printing PowerPoints in handout mode, to include multiple slides on one piece of paper
  • Provide access to these same files used during ASYNCHRONOUS instructional time for independent review 

Option to push out Project Discovery or Achieve Life Skills using Replicated Reality

If you are using Replicated Reality, or thinking about using Replicated is an idea for you. Consider setting up Job Boards with Achieve Life Skills or Project Discovery activities in your Replicated Reality account. Students apply for the jobs or you can assign them to students.


Students will have fun checking out the job postings. Once they apply for a job, you can schedule an interview with them. If you give them the job, they start getting deposits to their online banking account, and it goes on from there. Savings goals, budgeting, finding an apartment, applying for a lease, paying bills, let your creativeness lead the way.

See example Job Boards below for:

  • Career Readiness Coordinator
  • School Based Enterprise (SBE) Worker
  • Independent Living Skills Learner
  • Career Exploration Worker

Within your Replicated Reality account, you can add resources for your students to access like photos, PDF files, URL links - like google drive links, or website links, Microsoft documents like Word or Power Point, the sky's the limit! You can even make job boards for your Project Discovery kits and Achieve Life Skills titles if you have this curriculum.

The PAES Lab has several advantages when it comes to social distancing and hygiene:

The PAES Lab is inherently a social distancing environment when compared to typical classrooms. Students work at individual workstations that can keep students 6 feet apart for practical reasons.

Pupil to Teacher ratios are very low in the PAES Lab, typically ranging from 4-5 students per teacher for students with moderate to severe disabilities, and lower numbers for students with more significant needs.

Through the Conduct Rules, Workplace Skills and Incentives around maintaining proper professional work behaviors, Employees in the PAES Lab are already discouraged from interacting with other employees in the room.

The Daily Points System and Incentives can be customized to promote exactly the workplace behaviors that each PAES Lab needs. So each facility or school district can spell out what they require from PAES Employees in terms of personal protective equipment or disinfection routines

We do not provide specific disinfection routines or PPE requirements, because we expect each facility will be subject to different requirements, whether from their management or local governments. We do, however, have a fact sheet (below) on how to keep your PAES Lab COVID-19 Free that we provide as a suggestion.

Ways to Keep Your PAES Lab COVID-19 Free

Because PAES is a formal vocational assessment, we could not expect to train the parents how to conduct PAES assessments. However, there are many things you can do for work and life skills training during distance learning. 

For remote learning, some of the PAES teachers used Replicated Reality and made job boards with activities that can be done at home for the five career areas of PAES. There are some job boards within Replicated Reality for this purpose.