PAES 2020 Updates and Resources

Hello PAES labs in MN, WI, IA, ND and SD -

Our beloved PAES lab has underwent a complete overhaul, and it is called PAES 2020 Upgrade. Here are the details:


2020 PAES Lab Upgrade Now Available

  • If your lab is over 5 years old, has gotten a lot of use, has never been upgraded, or could just use some refreshing; you may consider purchasing this upgrade. No need to panic, it's just fine to keep using the version of PAES that you originally purchased if your budget doesn't allow, or if your lab is still working for you and your students.
  • If you do upgrade, you might want to also consider the brand new PAES Scan App. The PAES Scan App works best with PAES Lab 2020 Edition or the 2020 upgraded lab.
  • All brand new PAES labs that are shipped out will now be a 2020 version.
  • For existing labs, What is included in the 2020 upgrade?
  • For existing labs, what is the price for the 2020 upgrade Price Sheet
  • For labs older than 2007, please email for a price quote.
  • To order this upgrade, make out a purchase order (PO) to TAI and email it to

How old is your PAES Lab?

Take a look at the Location and Year Purchased Maps

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Minnesota PAES Labs

Wisconsin PAES Labs

North Dakota PAES Labs

South Dakota PAES Labs

Iowa PAES Labs - Please contact Heidi Johnson


PAES Timeline of Updates:

2007 - Computer/Technology Component Added
2012 Nov - PAES 8.3 Scoring
2014 Oct - PAES 9.1 Revisions
2015 May - Computer Tech Revision 2015
2016 May - Workplace Skills Revision
2018 May - 2nd Edition
2020 July - 2020 Revisions and Video Training


2020 PAES Video Staff Training Now Available

  • Introducing a new series of PAES videos intended for persons who evaluate employees, supervise or assist in the PAES lab. The first video can also be used by itself as an introduction to PAES. This video can be found on the PAES video section of this website labeled "Video to Learn About PAES".
  • Persons previously trained in person by an authorized PAES trainer are considered trained evaluators, but would benefit by going through the video series as a refresher training.
  • Videos can be watched remotely, and users can go at their own pace.
  • The 15 videos and review quizzes can generally be completed in less than 4 hours.
  • Each one year subscription includes the option for one trainee to complete the online Authorized PAES Evaluator Assessment to receive an Authorized PAES Evaluator Certificate which will be issued via email to the trainee upon gaining an assessment score of 100%.
  • One year subscriptions start at $125 and include one certificate. However, this login can be shared amongst other PAES and school staff, and the videos can be viewed together in groups either in person in your lab, or by using google hangout, zoom, or the like.
  • Want to know the price? 2020 PAES Training Options Price Sheet This shows all training options including in person, and video training options and packages.
  • To order a training, make out a purchase order (PO) to TAI and email it to

2020 PAES IT Update Now Available

  • The IT 1-6 jobs have been updated and have a brand new website.
  • Download the IT Update for FREE.
  • If you can't or don't want to print your own, there is an option to order the IT update for a fee, see IT replacement price list. To order this replacement, make out a purchase order (PO) to TAI and email it to
  • The IT updates are a big part of the PAES 2020 update. If you choose to not purchase the 2020 update, but download for free or purchase only the IT replacement, the IT subtasks on your scoring software and subtask data collection books will not match up.
PAES IT Update

2020 PAES Training Materials Now Available